Dining in 50's Style

Franky’s Diner

Franky’s Diner is an authentic 50’s style diner in the heart of Sea Point. Serving up delicious hamburgers, fries and shakes, this diner couldn’t be more 50’s if it tried. Customers can relax and enjoy some hound-dog music while sitting on the comfy red vinyl stools at the counter or they can choose to snuggle up in the back booth. Franky’s Diner is certainly a trip back in time to an era long gone but never forgotten.

Explore our food menu

Franky’s Diner offers its customers a variety of foods from scrumptious breakfasts to mouth-watering burgers (100% beef) and foot-longs all served with fries, onion rings and coleslaw. For the sweet lovers, one can enjoy a delicious traditional or funky shake or a yummy dessert such as waffles, doughnuts or sundaes.

Franky’s Diner has something for everyone’s taste buds.

Chubby Burger Challenge

This is the ULTIMATE challenge! Devour an enormous burger consisting of SIX beef patties, bacon, cheese, jalapeno chillies, fries and all the trimmings in less than 10 minutes and you get it for FREE! If you defeat the burger and succeed you will become a famous Franky’s patron with your name on our wall of fame and you will have a t-shirt to prove it. All burgers served with fries, onions rings and coleslaw.